Michigan Square Laundromat is a full service laundromat! 


We offer a variety of services including: 


Self Service

No need to save up quarters!


We now accept credit or debit cards at all machines.  Just swipe your card to wash or dry.  

New Loyalty Card!


Also, if you visit us regularly, we offer a loyalty card that gives you bonus cash and other special offers and discounts.  Ask for yours today.


We have a large variety of machines to do your own laundry.  We have front load and top load washing machines. There are also many sizes, so you don't have to spend any more than necessary.  And if you only need to dry we also have many sizes of very hot dryers for your use.


Same Day Drop Off Service

Don't have the time or desire to do your own laundry?  Drop it off with us and we'll take care of it.  Fast, convenient, same day service at a reasonable price of $.90 a pound.  


We care for your laundry the same way you would!


Comforters and Over Sized Items Washed

Quick and convenient.  Do it yourself or let us handle it for you. 

Call for price.

(251) 943-6434


Hand Pressing

Any item pressed by hand for a reasonable price.  Bring it to us clean or we can wash it.  Always look your best!


Linens / Commercial Services Available

Complete with pick up and drop off.  Or 24/7 access is available for commercial accounts that want to do it themselves. 

Call for details.  

(251) 943-6434


Free Wi-Fi available for your convenience.



Our Dexter equipment is reliable, efficient and durable. They offer superior wash action, while saving water.  And the spin cycle extracts more water, saving you time and money on the dryers. They are fast! The front loaders finish in 23 minutes including a free second rinse.  We also have filtered water that is very soft, meaning you can use half the soap you would anywhere else.  This saves you money.  We also keep our water very hot for superior clean in individual or commercial applications, if needed.  We pride ourselves on keeping mechanical problems to a minimum for your convenience.